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Ennustuskaardid - Ravikivi

Ennustuskaardid - Ravikivi

Ennustuskaardid - Ravikivi

Ennustuskaardid - Ravikivi

Ennustuskaardid - Ravikivi
Ennustuskaardid - Ravikivi
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Käevõru - Botswana..
Käevõru - Botswana..
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Ennustuskaardid Ennustuskaardid


KM-ta: 12.50€

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Tootekood: 4001076782805
Saadavus: 2 - 3 nädalat

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Sacred Traveler Oracle 52 Cards Deck and Guidebook English Tarot Fun Family Party Board Game
This graceful and elegant card deck guides you in understanding the events, signs, and coincidences in your life, leading you toward a personal and spiritual transformation.
Helps you transcend and activate your intuition, realize your life’s purpose and potential, and achieve a genuine state of peace.
These Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards assist you to step behind the mystic veil into hallowed dimensions that will align your inner spiritual existence with your outer life.
Each card interprets the signs that are around you and deciphers the secret messages of the universe—from Answering the Call to Discovering Truth to Infinite Abundance, and more!
Use these cards every day and you’ll discover what destiny has in store for you. Your journey starts now . . .
The best family party game for you and your friends.
Provide electronic version English manual.

Material: art paper
Size: 10.5cm/4.13"×7.5cm/2.95"
Language: English
Number of cards: 52
Märksõnad: Taro, kaardid
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